OK. There isn't really a Starfire Consulting Services anymore. The logo and name remain as a landmark of more than 10 years of keeping bread on the table and the wolf away from the door.

After many years of x86 and amd64 platforms, this system now lives on a Raspberry Pi:

THIS PAGE IS A TESTBED. I'm talking worse than under construction. I try things out, fiddle with them, and sometimes leave them in a broken state. Consider yourself warned.

The pages of the users and organizations on this server are, however, quite real.


Various features on this server.

Personal Home pages.

If you would like to add your home page here...

Other links.

Here's an e-mail address for a "419" spammer and scammer that really seems to annoy them when it gets used. They put up a "do not accept" rule very quickly when you start to bug them about being liars and cheats, so this must be one that they use and value, so let's see if we can put it out here where anyone who wants to poke at them from a trash e-mail account can, if maybe some spambots will pick it up and they will get some of their own medicine!
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